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Friday, March 16, 2018

“Oleg Shein: “I will be very pleased to return to the Duma””

On February 24, the state Duma finally decide on its representatives in the new composition of the CEC. The parliamentary mandate is one of them, spywares Nicholas Levicheva, will receive a well-known politician Oleg Shein. Who will get now occupied by Mr. Levicheva the post of Deputy speaker — is still unknown.

By 27 March, the Federation Council, state Duma and the President must submit 5 candidates to the CEC. SF already decided, the President has been silent, the state Duma will comply with the requirements of the law at the plenary meeting on 24 February. Submitted to vote 6 candidates: Valery Kryukov, Valery Galchenko from RUSSIA, Sergey Sirotkin, from the liberal democratic party, Eugene Kolyushin — from the Communist party and a representative of the movement “Golos” Gregory Melkonyants — from the Deputy Dmitry Gudkov. Mr. melkonyants the chance of election is not, but, along with other candidates, will receive the Duma rostrum to speak…

The Lord of the hooks and Kolyuchin and now members of the CEC, and the seats vacated after the departure of the state Duma of the others, get other representatives of party lists. “From my point of view, the real and the law on candidate for us is Oleg Shein,” — said on television the leader of the faction “SR” Sergey Mironov. Formally, the decision will be made at the end of March, when Mr. Levichev has left the building on Okhotny Ryad, but “it can be considered practically resolved,” they say in the faction.

Who will take the post of Vice-speaker of the faction, which is now g-n Levichev and his party the presidency of the Council of the chamber of deputies, according to “MK”, while definitively is not solved.

The Deputy of regional Duma Oleg Shein worked in the state Duma from 1999 to 2011. In December 2011 a list of “WED” in the Astrakhan region, which he chaired, did not gain the right to enter the state Duma vote. But the law allows the party if you want to make a state Duma Deputy with the release of the mandate of any person from the list…

Mr. Shein participated in the elections of the mayor of Astrakhan and the election of the Governor, traditionally finishing in second place. After the election of the mayor of the regional center in 2012, he said on mass violations during the counting of votes, the result of which was declared the winner United Russia party, and began a hunger strike. The action lasted 40 days — until then, until the CEC and the courts began to deal with complaints. In the end, the election results not reviewed, but the violations during the vote count at 136 stations out of 202, the CEC found…

“Oleg Shein will strengthen the faction, it’s a public figure, a veteran politician and those areas that traditionally have been engaged (utilities, labor relations and pension law) is very important for our social-democratic party”, — told “MK” the first Deputy head of the faction “SR” Mikhail Emelyanov.

Himself, Mr. Shein told “MK” that if such a decision was indeed the party will take, “he will be very pleased”. “I worked for 12 years in the state Duma, well aware of the whole kitchen, many deputies know me and I know them,” — said the politician. In this scenario, he “naturally” intends to become a member of the Committee on labor and social policy.

Before the elections to the state Duma in late March when they released the mandate, the Parliament will work only 3.5 months. “Shein is a passionate person, but for such a short time is already as dead poultices, hardly “CP” will be able greatly to strengthen its position”, — such opinion in conversation with “MK” stated Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist party, state Duma Deputy Sergei Obukhov.

“Conclusion Levicheva from public games is an expedient measure, he is a quarrelsome person and damaged relations with many regional organizations,” — said the Director of the Center for political information Alexei Mukhin. In his opinion, the replacement g-on Levicheva on Oleg Shein is “a good step, a kind of return to basics, but the situation has gone so far that it won’t help the party”. Very useful, considers g-n Mukhin, could only the invitation to the list of “CP” at the election of the popular front and support the popular front candidates in single-mandate constituencies. “CP” is in front, reminded the expert…


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