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Sunday, March 18, 2018

“Expert: “the Hype around report favorable and Yashin, and Kadyrov””

The events surrounding the report of the Vice-Chairman of Parnas Ilya Yashin “a Threat to national security” on the activities of the head of Chechnya Ramzan Kadyrov could be the basis of some exciting plays. First, the action revolves around one hero: the opposition leader sends letter to Chechnya, Kadyrov offers to meet and talk “man to man”, goes to Ivan, after his car stopped by police in search of guns (but, according to the oppositionist, they are looking for a report) to the office of Parnas on the eve of the presentation (and even during it) there are reports of a bomb threat. Effectively a second character appears on the scene only on the day of the presentation: February 23, Ramzan Kadyrov publishes a report himself before Yashin. What to call this play: “Much ADO about nothing”, as Shakespeare put it, or “Much ADO about something worthwhile”?

During the preparation of the report, Ilya Yashin even visited Chechnya. However, according to the spiteful critics, very long. Photo: twitter.com / IlyaYashin

“It is written contains nothing but hot air,” commented the report Kadyrov. (Yashin considers that the text got to the head of the Chechen Republic from-for technical errors “Open Russia”, in the evening of 22 February, he appeared on the website of the movement. Yashin thanked Kadyrov for PR and said that the early publication was his “good news”, as it will increase the readability of the text in Chechnya.)

The report “Threat to national security” consists of nine chapters in which the opposition examines the biography of the head of Chechnya, his immediate environment, a method of forming the budget of the Republic, it is composed for the most part on public sources of information. “Really, there is nothing sensational, said Yashin during the presentation. — But our task is to convey this information to citizens.”

Yashin calls the political regime in Chechnya “time bomb”, created with the connivance of the country’s leadership and security services. No one can guarantee that Chechnya “do not turn over time into a new “Islamic state” (banned in Russia), ready to declare Jihad on Russia, as did the father of Ramzan Kadyrov,” says the oppositionist.

In the beginning of the report Yashin recalls that Kadyrov, the first Chechen war fought on the side of the militants was not known to the public, and then with his father moved to the side of the Federal forces. Now many former members of illegal armed groups operating in the units of the Chechen security services, it has recognized and Kadyrov himself.

The report refers to the former driver known Chechen terrorist Salman Raduyev Adam Delimkhanov (now the Deputy of the state Duma from “United Russia”), which subsequently calls the right hand of Kadyrov. Yashin said about the possible involvement of Delimkhanov to the murder of the former commander of the battalion “Highlander” Movladi Baisarov in Moscow and one of the leaders of the battalion “Vostok” Sulima Yamadaeva in Dubai. Yashin makes it clear that there is a connection delimhanov with the murder of Boris Nemtsov: Zaur Dadayev killer was the Deputy commander of the battalion “North”, which is headed by the brother of Delimkhanov Alibek.

Influence on the internal Affairs of the Chechen Republic Magomed Daudov has (now speaker of the national Parliament and the President of football club “Terek”). “It is believed that he eliminated organizer of terrorist attack on 9 may 2004 that took the life of Akhmad Kadyrov, earned the particular location of the current head of Chechnya,” — says Yashin.

Among “the Moscow patrons” Kadyrov Yashin notes Vladislav Surkov, a long time in charge of domestic policy, and Deputy Minister of internal Affairs Viktor Zolotov, who from 2000 to 2013 was head of security service of President Vladimir Putin.

The report is previously unpublished data. Yashin writes that Chechen Commissioner for human rights Nurdi Nukhazhiyev in the 1990s, (when he served in the Ministry of internal Affairs in Pechory) was a defendant in two criminal cases. As part of the investigation of one of them Pechora police Department sent a request to the police of Gudermes, where he moved next Ombudsman. The answer of the head of the Gudermes Department Umar Amaraciune (the report) said that “conscience nuhazhiev in this clean,” he “is appropriate to his experience and education position.”

Despite provocations during the presentation (Yashin showered with fake dollars, and then ran up to him the man shouting: “Ramzan Kadyrov has done more for Russia than you do. Do you have any in the army served?” again, it was reported laid in the office of Parnassus bomb), Yashin has managed to articulate the main theses and to declare that his task is “to ensure that the concentration of the problems in Chechnya was resolved peacefully.” Later in a conversation with “MK” he noted that “the first step to solving problems is the removal of Kadyrov from power, the second is the holding of free elections.”

Member of the Board of “Memorial” Alexander Cherkasov in conversation with “MK” suggested that the hype around the report due to the fact that “all known facts are gathered together and close the eye on them already more difficult.”

The expert of the Moscow centre Carnegie Alexey Malashenko has told “MK” that “report Yashin — this is not an analyst, and policy. The interpretation that the Republic would declare a Jihad, a hasty”. The resignation of Ramzan Kadyrov (term expires in 2 months, recently the head of Chechnya says that he considers his mission accomplished. — Ed.) it is hardly possible. “Ramzan fine, he understands it, so and lead,” says the expert. According to Malashenko, Yashin sees no levers to solve problems. “To solve the problem of Chechnya, Russia has become another government,” says Malashenko. The hype around report favorable and Yashin, and A. Kadyrov.


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