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Friday, March 23, 2018

“Doctors: winter children often suffer from asthma have weak lungs”

People born in the winter — or rather, in the period from November to January, on average, have weaker lungs than those who were born in warmer months. This is one of the regularities identified in the new study, researchers from the University of Bergen in Norway.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

The specialists studied previously collected data on more than 12 thousand people. Each of these people in 9-11, and then in 40-70 years of age passed the test with spirometry — the amount of air that a person is able to exhale at one time. Information was compared with data such as date of birth of the child and the conditions in which took place his early years, reports the Daily Mail.

The study showed that children born in the winter light were often weak, which entailed an increased risk of asthma and other breathing problems. Thus, according to scientists, with age, the influence of month of birth on the lungs affected all the greater.

In addition, the researchers found that weak lungs often had children born to relatively young mothers and mothers-smokers. Negatively on lungs, judging by the provided medical data, and was affected by caesarean section. Scientists say that previously it was known about the negative effects of all these factors on the immune system.

Scientists also noticed that the lungs were stronger among children who grew up with a pet, and those who watched the nanny. One of the interesting results was that older siblings has a positive impact on the strength of his lungs, and the youngest negative.

Trying to explain how birth in the cold months can affect the lung health, the researchers called the lack of vitamin D in the mother one of the factors probably increased the risk of asthma in children. Also, some role may play that in the winter before birth, the child may be more exposed to pathogens.

Experts hope that the identified patterns would help to better understand the nature of asthma, that in the future more effectively to fight it.


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