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Sunday, March 18, 2018

“China has sent fighter jets to the disputed Islands in the South China sea”

Data on the transfer of China military aircraft in the area of the island woody or Usindo (alternative names for one of the Paracel Islands in the South China sea) reported at the Pentagon.

Fighter of the Xian JH-7

“That the fighter J-11 fighter-bombers JH-7 is located on woody island, according to U.S. military” – according to the American Fox News channel.

By the way, this island recently has become the object of scandal is an American media reported that in early February, the Chinese authorities arbitrarily decided to place on woody several anti-aircraft missile systems.

“As evidenced by data from individual satellite images, China last week placed two batteries of eight anti-aircraft missiles HQ-9 radar system” – mentioned in media reports.

“Overly independent” actions of the authorities of the PRC raised serious concerns at the Pentagon. In defense of the United States after the information about SAM even released angry resolution, calling China’s actions are counterproductive.

“Placing China’s few anti – aircraft missile systems long range on one of the disputed Islands in the South China sea increases the tension in the region” – have informed in the Pentagon, calling to abandon militarization “in the area of conflict of interest”.

However, as evidenced by further developments, the statement by the US Department of defense has not made much of an impression in Beijing.

Earlier negative assessment of Chinese military activity in the area of the disputed archipelago in the South China sea were expressed by the Philippines, Vietnam, and Japan.

The Philippine foreign Ministry actions of Beijing called provocative, Vietnam and even stated about the violation of its borders with China, and even summoned to the foreign Ministry of the Chinese Ambassador.As for Japan, she is ready to move from angry words to action and even to knead in waters disputed Islands ships, promised the Minister of defense Geng Nakatani.


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