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Thursday, March 15, 2018

“A dangerous meeting”

Official representatives of the Moscow Patriarchate predictable enthusiastically praised the results of the Latin American tour of the Patriarch, especially the first and the main point — rendezvous with the Pope. “The meeting opened a new page in the history of Christianity and, I would even say, perhaps, in the history of international relations”, — said, speaking at a press conference, dedicated to ending the visit of Kirill, the head of the Synodal information Department of the Patriarchate Vladimir Legoyda. How this assessment is true, is still hard to say: the impact of the summit on the course of world history can be objectively assessed only decent historical distance. However, now we can confidently say that meeting opens a new page in the history of the ROC. And so far, this Chapter looks not, alas, optimistic: multiply the voices of those who believes the Havana summit is a betrayal of Orthodoxy.

photo: Natalia Gubernatorova

The presence of such opposition recognized recently and the Patriarch, explaining why the summit it was impossible to prepare “transparency”: there is supposedly “nice and kind Orthodox people who believe that there is some danger in the meeting”. Patriarch assured, however, that it is not in them: greater secrecy is designed de was to neutralize some “powerful forces that are not really wanted”. One another, however, does not contradict. Judging by the proliferation of comments by the representatives of the clergy and the congregation, evaluating sharply critical of the fact that the meeting of Cyril and Francis, this kind of “force” the Patriarch should not be discounted.

“The Declaration of the joint, where the heretical Catholic Church and the Church cannot be called, is a kind of heretical Latin community, is recognized by the Church-sister — outraged, for example, a priest of the Russian Orthodox Church, the Chairman of the Council of the Orthodox intelligentsia Alexis frost. — And the Pope is called his Holiness the Pope, a brother in Christ. This opens the path towards Eucharistic fellowship, and to the adoption of Lugagnano the Catholic Church. So, in fact, and destruction the souls of men. Those included in this heretical community, and agrees with what is happening”. Frost compares the current situation with the events of the XV century, when the roots on Russian soil allowed was “the heresy of Judaisers”. Moreover, hinted frost, heresy was involved, and the then Primate of the Russian Church, Metropolitan Zosima.

A well-known Orthodox publicist, Professor of MGIMO Olga Chetverikova, directly invited the brothers and sisters in Christ to decide — “who are they: with Christ or with the heretic Patriarch”. But the apotheosis of protest, perhaps, should be considered “the Treatment of Orthodox youth”, distributed by the website “Moscow — the third Rome”: “Orthodox! The betrayal of the Church authorities have committed… Every Christian knows that faith is necessary to fight to the death. It’s time for the confession and the struggle for Orthodox churches!” In addition to resentment “treatment” includes a clear program of action. Others suggested, inter alia, “to require convocation of the local Council of the ROC with the broad participation of the Orthodox laity for Ecumenical condemnation of heresy and of preserving the dogmas of Orthodoxy and the deposition of Patriarch Kirill and Metropolitan Hilarion”.

According to the theologian and publicist Protodeacon of the Russian Orthodox Church Andrei Kuraev, what is happening is a manifestation of the serious crisis of confidence in the ROC — a member of the clergy and of monasticism to the episcopacy: “It’s such a class-based, caste-based tensions in the Church. Catholics in this case — just an excuse”. However, “anti-Catholic phobias still have,” admits Kuraev. Moreover, according to our interlocutor, the fact of the meeting between the Pope and the Patriarch reacted negatively, the majority of priests. “However, this does not mean that this will be any decisive conclusions, — said Kuraev. — Similarly they will commemorate the Patriarch in their prayers, to kiss the hand of their bishops and to remit money. Everything will remain exactly the same”.

However Kuraev does not consider the situation quite so harmless for the Church authorities: “Confusion in the people a fair amount, in fact. Ecclesiastical superiors have a lot to explain about it”. Kuraev considers this crisis as the big PR loser of the Patriarch within the Church: “After the scandal Pussy Riot, Kirill, realizing that she had lost the sympathy of the Church intelligentsia, made a bid for far-right conservative Church circles. They tried to prove: “I’m yours”. To the extent that once I even called Catholics heretics: in 2013 was his sermon on this topic. And now he was again to these familiar circles by Metropolitan Kirill, who once again usual suspect in ecumenism, in the mystery of Union with Catholics and so forth.” That is a clever strategy of the Patriarch in the end led to the fact that he, figuratively speaking, was left with nothing. And Kuraev, in his words, very glad this happened: “Could it actually be something still in it now, Wake up now”.

But most importantly, of course, that the Patriarch himself is not awakened in the Church a process of division. And although Andrei Kuraev and most other experts proves the unreality of this scenario, His ways, as is known, are inscrutable.


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