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Thursday, March 15, 2018

Counterfeits forced the Russians to abandon cheese

On Friday, the head of the Ministry of agriculture as their main priority in the case of import substitution the development of the dairy industry. It forecasts the most cautious, despite the fact that in the market there is a remarkable situation: the production is growing nominally, but at the same time consumption falls, and the shelves are littered with unsafe counterfeit cheese and cottage cheese. Why did this happen?

Back in may, in spite of all the crises, the experts noted an abnormal growth of Russian imports of palm oil for few months deliveries have increased by approximately 40%. The process started about November of last year and by a strange coincidence, was accompanied by a sudden increase in domestic production of cheese, not only soft, but also solid and even Mature. A large part of these products is the consistency more like clay.

“This is exactly the case, when demand dictates supply, destroying the market”

Spring alarm specialists, who warned about the consequences of the dominance of counterfeit products on the shelves of stores, were met by the summer. The loss of trust in conjunction with the General decrease in the purchasing power did the trick: cheeses and dairy products generally has become the part of the consumer basket, on which the Russians decided to save in the first place.

Palm oil has become the basis for the fake cheeses, the benefit of technology does not stand, and not some derivative of milk powder is alive now unscrupulous manufacturers. About palm oil have already taken a lot of scary stories for Federal TV channels – he is still recognized by experts rather controversial product. A couple of vitamins in it, but only unrefined. And according to GOST R 53776-2010 (“palm Oil refined deodorized for the food industry. Technical conditions”) in food to eat just refined, in which the peroxide number shall be not more than 0.9 millimole of active oxygen per kilogram.

This “oil” is, of course, is not particularly helpful, but do not hurt much. Here only the eye to determine how many millimoles of oxygen in the product, the label which palm fat does not appear, although by all indications it is the product and manufactured?
How are the plans for the replacement of imported goods of the Russian

Ordinary buyer, not discerning the intricacies of milk production and without a laboratory at hand, of unknown etiology distinguish fake from real cheese, cottage cheese or butter do not. Due to legal restrictions the Rosselkhoznadzor even acknowledges his powerlessness, continuing monitoring and publishing mixed data about norms and perspectives of the consumption of palm fats. According to official data, the majority (about 80%), palm fat, entering the retail sale, gidrogenizirovanii, so that conditionally neutral product can turn into a carcinogenic nightmare – the carrier of the so-called TRANS fats that destroy digestion and vessels.

Stoically monitors the market and the national Union of milk producers “Soyuzmoloko”, over and over again revealing a tremendous amount of fakes. In this case, unscrupulous manufacturers are at risk of just administrative fines, not particularly painful on the background of millions earned by dumping in the dairy market. The use of palm oil and other alchemical raw materials allows them to offer much more attractive prices than can afford manufacturers of natural dairy products with their costs for cattle breeding and milk processing.

As for hard cheese, most of the workers in this segment of producers don’t even try to invest in a full-fledged technology for fear that the political situation will change, the market will come back European companies with their powerful school of cheesemaking, from which it is difficult to compete, and eventually all the costs will be in vain.

Finally, there is the factor of trading networks, which are profitable to sell cheap and do not require special conditions of storage products.


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